Mark Foster

Mark Foster sings the blues and plays the harp between the singing bits. He's been doing so for quite a few years now and has somehow got away with it without his wife leaving him. He's got no reason to have the blues but singing about them make him happy.

Dave Cheetham

Dave Cheetham started playing guitar at 9, joined a band at 16, loves all music, particularly the Blues, and whose greatest pleasure is sharing music, either with other musicians or an audience, or even better, both. His favourite band is Black Dog.

Rex McLeod

Rex has been playing drums around NZ and overseas, for the past 45 years. During that time he has played with lots of bands of various genre's, along with touring with many local and international acts. A full list is available on his website Rex just loves playing great music with other musicians who are fun to work with, like all the guys in Black Dog, to an appreciative audience.